You an anthology of essays in the second person

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Click here for submission guidelines. Candles and presents would be displayed, but nothing would fix her birthday in those decisive moments at school when she was compelled to wear that hideous sweater.

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Half in Shade by Judith Kitchen—This book was released inbut Judith died a few weeks ago, so it might be nice to add it in 6. She is a good advice giver who usually answers in a wise way. Otherwise, you can submit year-round and your submission will be held for the following competition.

The second person point of view challenges the reader, telling them what is happening formally and how they are reacting to it as a reader.

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You. An Anthology of Essays Devoted to the Second Person

Each volume in the Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing series contains peer-reviewed collections of essays about writing—all composed by teachers for students—with each book available for download for free under a Creative Commons license.

The candor of these autobiographical, lyric, personal, and segmented narratives is tempered by the distance, intimacy, humor, and unsentimental tenderness that the second-person point of view affords both writer and reader.

In the introduction to You: An Anthology of Essays Devoted to the Second Person—one of the two debut collections from Welcome Table Press—editor Kim Dana Kupperman addresses some of the objections people voice to the use of the second person in nonfiction writing.

“The second person is too trendy,” one writer told her. fiction, essays, memoir and over 50 highly idiosyncratic television films, and has been described as "brainy, scabrous, mischievous," "iconoclastic" and possessed. An Anthology of Essays Devoted to the Second Person Paperback – February 25, by Marcia Aldrich (Author), Jenny Boully (Author), Steven Church (Author), › & out of 5 stars 3 customer reviews.

Examples of Writing in Second Person

See all 2 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from Used from Reviews: 3. You probably know what it means to write in the first person, but you may not be as confident about using the second- or third-person point of view. Today we’re going to focus on each of these three points of .

You an anthology of essays in the second person
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