Spanish oral presentation

Encourage questions with your eyes and your body language.

Useful words & phrases for the oral

Excelente Consistent correct use of grammar functions and targeted structures. My participation demonstrated that I prepared somewhat for class, but could have done a better job preparing.

Just fill in the blank with the country or city if famous into this phrase. The main problem this time was that my students were able to talk about their personal experiences from the Hispanic community, but they had little or no knowledge outside of that for comparison. Never apologize to your audience for the state of your knowledge or your degree of preparation.

I arrrived on time and stayed the full length of the class.

Grading Rubrics for Spanish Courses

Held rapport with audience throughout speech? The role of the audience Presentations involve both a speaker and the audience. Get into a Wordreference forum and you can see what professional translators are saying about your favorite expression.

Here is a convenient frame for even the toughest moment. Hope you enjoyed this! Spotlight on Social Events You could choose to focus on current events in the Spanish-speaking world.

A good preparation will increase your self-confidence. If you are faced with such an assignment, such as Spanish oral presentation summary of a chapter or a long article in a magazine, your time is more productively spent working to comprehend the reading assignment.

Frequent misprounications of vocab words Regular Some mispronunciations of vocabulary words. Pick a country or region of the Hispanic world and demonstrate an aspect of its culture that fascinates you: Are you a student?

Workout details with equipment before the day of your presentation Know how to operate the equipment you choose to use If you are using PowerPoint, have a backup copy on a disk Consider making overhead transparencies of your PowerPoint slides in case there is a problem with the technology Consider making print duplicates of your slides or transparencies in case there is a problem with electricity or bulbs Do not expect a network connection to work when you need it.

Vowels are not always clear Bueno Pronunciation of vowels is clear. It can be useful to prepare a skeletal outline on one or two index cards of the points you need to make in order to give a complete summary of details, events, and other pertinent information in the passage you have read.

Vocabulary words are pronounced correctly. Feel free to print this sheet out for extra review. Almost all vowels are mispronounced.

As you read, try to understand the passage in context--without looking up anything.iRubric CXX: Memorization or Impromptu presentation. Free rubric builder and assessment tools. Oral Health is Overall Health (Spanish #) Show-Me Healthy Smiles for Healthy Life (Spanish #) For more specific information on the impact of oral health on specific diseases and conditions, contact the Oral Health Program.

K Oral Health Education Curriculum (Powerpoint Presentations). Dec 05,  · I have a spanish oral presentation that I have to do on Monday.

Spanish Oral Presentation Topics

I have to talk for 4 minutes and I need a topic that pertains to Spanish countries. I need something that would keep a conversation going.

Please Resolved. Translate Presentation To Spanish. Online Translation > English Translation > Translate Presentation To Spanish Babylon NG The Next Generation of translation! Download it's free. Source Language.

Target Language * oral presentation = presentación oral. * panel presentation = mesa redonda, panel de debate. The Importance Of Oral Presentations For University Students Slađana Živković, PhD improvement in communication and presentation skills. Oral presentations represent an opportunity for develo ping real-world communications as we ll as leadership skills (King, ).

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Spanish oral presentation
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